The Book of Common Prayer, which is less a book and more a series of texts, has rightly been recognized as a historic specimen of the English language. But it also has been and remains a work primarily intended for use in public and private worship. In addition to the Daily Office and various orders of service, many editions of the BCP also include short collections of prayers “to be used for sundry Purposes” (1559).

My appreciation for these occasional prayers, and frequent use of them, has been hampered in part by their lack of accessibility if one does not have a Book of Common Prayer (or several!) in hand. To that end, I offer this website as a collection of prayers from the BCP, in an indexed and searchable format. I have also included a number of other prayers from the Anglican tradition and the broader Church.

I hope that you find these prayers helpful in worship and formative in belief, just as many generations of Anglicans have before us.

The Rev. Ryan Willers