Oh Lord, you who are the True Grocer who gives your life as bread and wine to a needy world, bless the farmers who make the food and the manufacturers who make the goods that we consume; bless the distributors and the drivers who go the extra mile to make our groceries handy; bless the stockers and the shelvers who put all things in their place; bless the clerks who care for the customer and the cashiers who count their money; bless the baggers and the bakers and the butchers, too; bless the night crews and the day crews; and bless the managers who direct it all. Bless them with your hand of provision and protection. Bless them with your ministering angels in their long hours of need. Bless their families as well. May they know your care this day, this hour, this moment, as Living Water and Bread of Life, as God of Refuge and of Angel Armies as well. In your name. Amen.

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